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Checks cost bundles of dough when purchased from banks. Consider that it can cost upwards of $20 for just a box of 150 checks from the likes of Wells Fargo or the Bank of America. The deals start at just $1.95 for personal checks on our website!

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Where Can I Buy Cheap Checks Online?

Checks cost bundles of dough when purchased from banks.

Consider that it can cost upwards near $20 for just a box of 150 checks from the likes of Wells Fargo or the Bank of America.

Admittedly, paying $20 for 150 checks isn’t the worst thing in the world.

However, things could be better, especially in this day and age when every single buck counts!

Buy Checks Cheaper Online

Here’s the kicker: things are in fact better! Remember that box of checks for $20 mentioned earlier? What if I told you that four boxes could be had for only $40? So instead of paying $0.13 per check, you could get away with paying only $0.06? Sounds unbelievable? Well, it’s not.

Many companies like Checks Superstore, Bank Checks Plus and Check Advantage make a living from mass-producing huge quantities of personal checks and then selling them over the Internet.

Now compare these companies to banks. They make money by charging interest rates on loans, piling on fees to accounts and making investments. Basically, they make money through money.

Since banks focus on money, they’re not too interested in printing checks. The truth is that banks obtain their checks from wholesalers. They then mark up the checks and retail them back to you.

By choosing an online check printer, you get to basically get to skip the middleman (the bank) and buy direct from the source!

Take Advantage Of Online Check Benefits

Lesson one was simple: buying checks online saves you money. But is that the only benefit? Nope!

One interesting benefit is the availability of many styles. A lot of these online entities contain huge databases chockablock with original check designs. Some people don’t care about design, but if you do, then you’ll have a blast shopping for the perfect one.

Furthermore, you get discounts for ordering in bulk. Banks don’t do that. They charge a simple flat rate that gets multiplied depending on the quantity you desire. With many online outlets (though not all), you get discounts that themselves multiply as the quantity of checks you purchase increases as a result inexpensive checks.

Here are some more benefits:

  • You can choose from personal, business and bank checks.
  • Personal checks can be fine-tuned to fit your needs.
  • The checks you get are of the utmost quality.
  • Checks are delivered within days versus weeks.
  • Matching accessories like covers and address labels are available for cheap.
  • You can upload your own custom logo.

Never Waste Money On Bank Checks Again

So one question remains — what about the bank information?

That’s not even a problem. All the check-printing companies on the Internet are quite than aware of the top banks in the country. As a result, all you’ll need to do is identify your bank and enter your account number. The rest will be taken care by the printer.

Basically, they’ll super-impose the information into the correct spots before printing. Your name and address will also be included, of course. So you get all the benefits of ‘regular’ bank checks, but at drastically reduced prices.

Ultimately, it’s all about choosing between brand name and generic products. Think about it. You can buy 100 pills of brand name Tylenol for $12.99, or you can buy 100 pills of generic Tylenol for $6.99. The irony is that they both do the exact same thing.

The same holds true for cheap checks purchased online. You can get the same thing at a bank for double or triple the price, or you can make the financially savvy decision and buy them online!